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[VIDS] 110521 Sungmin teaches Wook, Hae, Hyuk the lyrics of “A pity it isn’t you”

Y O U T U B E Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Credit: Yahoo Music Taiwan | Reuploaded by cleaver487 @ sj-world.net FULL 4 PARTS : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmRsbtCOang credit to Yahoo Music Taiwan ; joined by ♥~pinkninja @ SJ-WORLD.net TAKE OUT WITH FULL AND PROPER CREDIT

[NEWS] 110417 Zhoumi sweeps vouchers for skincare products; SJM at night market

SJ-M Zhoumi sweeps vouchers for skin care products in conjunction with Taiwan’s Mother’s Day Special Popular Korean group Super Junior-M (in short SJ-M) is in Taiwan for a long stay, and Chinese member, Zhou Mi, who loves to shop for clothes and skin care products, his eyes lit up while saying that: “It’s really nice […]

[UFO] 110413 Sungmin 3 UFO Replies

Fan: Never give up until we die. Gege-men, let us work hard together, exams are coming soon, so nervous, gege-men must cheer for me! Sungmin: Hwaiting!! Fan: SungMin Oppa,I miss U~Do U miss me? If your answer is”YES”,I will give good food to U~ Say “Yes”to me!!!—SissyCat Sungmin: yes (T/N: This UFO was sent in […]

[NEWS] 110407 The reason why Sungmin had a big fight with his manager; + anecdote about Leeteuk and manager

Sungmin is known for his strict self-discipline and exceptionally high enthusiasm for educating. He wanted to learn English and Japanese. So, he has signed up for a dawn course of the language institutions which is located nearby dorm. After absorbing schedules till the late night, he got up at daybreak and went to language institution […]

SJ-M hit each other during games on Taiwan’s programme, Siwon’s expression changed while Kyuhyun was close to tears

Internal strife within SJ-M, fiercely spanking each others’ bottom! Dong Feng’s <<Let’s Make Friends>> had earlier held an interview with SJ-M at the OLDIE GOODIE restaurant and the entrance was crowded with fans. During the programme, the members showed their talents, played games and during the “YES OR NO” segment, Zhoumi chose NO, and that […]