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KRY Concert in Kobe, Japan : Fan account

Today I’m very lucky, went to Kobe for KRY’s concert, sitting somewhere near the middle on the 6th row. It’s the first time I can listen to Kyuhyun sing without using binoculars, I realize this child is getting more and more wonderful. Today’s Kyuhyun’s hairstyle is still the same style as from SS3 Beijing and […]

Super Junior K.R.Y Promotional Bus in Taiwan

KRY concert in Kobe, Revealed that Coagulation” was supposed to be Kyuhyun’s solo

Subject: 101101 Simple Postscript of KRY concert in Kobe Today I was very lucky because I went to see K.R.Y’s concert in Kobe. My seat is located in middle of the sixth line. This is the first time that I don’t need to use binocular to see Kyuhyun singing. I discovered that he is perfect. […]