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Super Junior members’ inestimable love for Heechul

[tw] 110525 Siwon 4 Tweets

► 촬영을 마친뒤 대만생활 이후 처음으로 대만의 숨을 느낄수있는 야시장 스린예슬을 다녀왔어요 ^^ 금붕어낚시도 해보고 좋았습니다 ^^ After the filming has ended (I) went to the Shihlin Night Market where you can feel the breath of Taiwan for the first time since living in Taiwan ^^ Also tried fishing for goldfish(,) really happy ^^ Chinese […]

[tw] 110421 Siwon 2 Tweets

@siwon407: – Obedience and patience yfrog.com/h4hinpj Apr 21, 03:35pm via Twitter for iPhone @siwon407: Can’t wait to meet my family the day of Vietnam! yfrog.com/h0obiizj Apr 21, 05:14pm via Twitter for iPhone Original source: Siwon’s twitter * both tweets were originally in English

[PIC] 110421 Vanness Wu’s blog entry about Donghae + Siwon

If y’all wondering why the rush back to Taiwan… it was because the day I landed in Taiwan that very night I had a performance at Taipei Dome. My bros Siwon and Dong Hae stopped by with Aziatix’s Nicky Lee! to say hello, thanks for the support fellaz! Jet lagged like crazy while I was […]

[PIC/wb] 110416 Ivy Chen’s update about Siwon + Donghae

► 東海跟始源的魅力無法擋,今天兩人合體,電視台外大爆滿~,酷斃了 ► Donghae and Siwon’s charm is really irresistible. Today the two people combined, the outer side of TV Station is packed~, so cool Source: Ivy Chen’s Weibo Translated by: yaywestwick @ sj-world.net ps. ivy chen is donghae and siwon’s co-star in their drama Extravagant Challenge!~