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Han Kyung with Dancers – 3P

Han Geng Does Not Encourage Friends To Enter Entertainment Industry

• Han Geng Wishes His Parents Good Health. Super Junior former member Han Geng was in Hong Kong for a signing event of his concept book and first ever fans meeting. During the two events, he repeatedly told fans not to spend too much money buying gifts for him, but to give to charity. When […]

CCTV Gala Opening : Han Kyung

Han Geng 2011 CCTV Spring Gala Opening “过年回家” (Return home for New Years) 2011 Han Geng Post Spring Gala, Year After Year (春晚, 一年又一年) Interview Credits: GengBaoChannel@youtube Shared: 13flowerboys.wordpress.com

CCTV-13 News ‘Year After Year’ Interview Photo : Han Kyung – 3P

Weibo Update : Han Kyung – 020211

坚强的豆豆,豆豆加油!看你今晚精彩的演出。 Resilient Dou Dou, Dou Dou jiayou*! (Will be) watching your brilliant performance tonight. @王平久:豆豆提出要开始准备下午的直播和春晚,医生批准了她的请求,医生说,这个小孩真了不起!我也让她看了大家的留言,她让我帮她谢谢大家,她一定会努力,不辜负大家的希望。让我们一起祝福她吧! @Wang Ping Jiu: Dou Dou** proposed that she wanted to begin preparing for the afternoon’s live broadcast and Spring Night Gala, (and) the doctor approved her request, the doctor said, this kid is really something! I’ve showed her the messages that everyone had left for […]