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[NEWS] LeeTeuk is Very Protective of Girls Generation’s Seohyun

[NEWS] LeeTeuk is Very Protective of Girls Generation’s Seohyun

Several artists of SM Entertainment guest starred on the “Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert” episode that was aired on May 3. On this day, Leeteuk stated, “Seohyun may not have a boyfriend.” He continued to say, “She may not date a boy. I’ve known her since she was in 5th grade. So if she really wants to […]

Kiss The Radio : Eunhyuk wants to undergo a cosmetic surgery? – 010911

Eunhyuk:I should consider whether to undergo a cosmetic surgery or not… Leeteuk:Oh. You want to compare yourselves to  Shindong? Eunhyuk:But if I really do so, I will regret. Leeteuk:Why? Eunhyuk:Because my natural beauty will be gone. Leeteuk:I think human is weird. When you keep on saying you are pretty, you will then become pretty. But […]

Kiss The Radio : Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk – 010911

Kiss The Radio : Eun Hyuk, Lee Teuk Talking About Hee Chul’s Enlistment

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul sings a pre-army duet with Kim Jang Hoon