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[PIC] 110421 Vanness Wu’s blog entry about Donghae + Siwon

If y’all wondering why the rush back to Taiwan… it was because the day I landed in Taiwan that very night I had a performance at Taipei Dome. My bros Siwon and Dong Hae stopped by with Aziatix’s Nicky Lee! to say hello, thanks for the support fellaz! Jet lagged like crazy while I was […]

[PIC/wb] 110416 Ivy Chen’s update about Siwon + Donghae

► 東海跟始源的魅力無法擋,今天兩人合體,電視台外大爆滿~,酷斃了 ► Donghae and Siwon’s charm is really irresistible. Today the two people combined, the outer side of TV Station is packed~, so cool Source: Ivy Chen’s Weibo Translated by: yaywestwick @ sj-world.net ps. ivy chen is donghae and siwon’s co-star in their drama Extravagant Challenge!~

[tw] 110416 Donghae 1 Tweet + twitpic + Heechul’s reply

@donghae861015: Gongzuo jieshu yi hou hui jia !! Xi wan !!Jia you dong hai !!kkk http://plixi.com/p/92897067 @donghae861015: Gone home after work finished !! Washing dishes !!Fighting dong hai !!kkk http://plixi.com/p/92897067 Translated by. viragis @ SJ-WORLD.NET └ From @Heedictator: @donghae861015 싱크대 위에 올라가서 찍었냐ㅡㅡ야 니네 없으니 숙소 개조용하다ㅋㅋ이러다 정수랑 정분날듯 @donghae861015 Was this taken by going […]

[NEWS] 110415 Shindong; “It’s still awkward with Donghae”

Super Junior member Shindong who debuted 7 years ago, still has an awkward relationship with his members. This caught the eyes of the people. Shindong appeared on MBC’s Bouquet, which was broadcasted on the 17th, and was asked on the show “When performing together, do you have anyone you want to confess to?”Shindong answered “Super […]

[PIC] 110405 Bianca Bai’s update w/ Donghae and Siwon

今天排戲順利結束!大家都越來越進入角色了!始源的中文越來越好都可以聊天了~我告訴東海中文要加油嘿 . 我跟 @陳意涵 剛排完哭戲眼睛都腫腫的 看我的臉跟薑餅人比圓的.. Today’s rehearsals have ended smoothly! Everybody’s more into their roles already! Siwon’s chinese is getting so much better that we can chat with each other ~ I I told Donghae to work on his Chinese even harder . Me and @Chen Yi han have just ended the crying scenes’ […]