We’re taking request again.

Just leave your name, email address and request item in this page.

We need few days to complete the request.

We’ll email you when we’ve done.

Request List :

  1. Han Kyung’s poster with name ANFAL on it
  2. Hee Chul’s poster with name Heesya on it
  3. Ryeo Wook’s poster With name Naruwookie on it
  4. Hee Chul’s in Chilli costume with name meanmefan on it
  5. Han Kyung Pics with his Sign on it for Jenny_ly
  6. Hee Chul Poster Requested By Heesya
  7. Kyu Hyun Poster For Birthday Girl, Ijat, From Naruwookie
  8. Si Won Biased Poster requested by Anfal

34 comments on “Request

  1. thank you for that…
    ammmmmmmmmmmm… if you can i want to make hangeng pic with mu name on it
    you know what i mean right ??

    thank you again

  2. wah..!!! so beautiful…i want too…can i…?

  3. is any request would do?
    or is there a specific kind of request?

  4. aaa~~~ i want like anfal too…^^ want that big picture…but i want heechul..^^ love him soo much..^^
    can u do it for me..?

  5. smart la background …….
    keep ur hard work

  6. ok..^^ put my name heesya too…^^

  7. emm.. can i want a poster of ryeowook with my name on it..
    i will be so greatful if you do that..
    thanks.. (^_^)

  8. Can you put a pic of heechul wearing the Red Pepper costume in SS3 with my name on it?

  9. I want hangent pic n his sign.

  10. Thx so much

  11. can i want heechul pic again…but this time…just heechul pic and his name…..can i have it..? but if can..can u take the new pics of heechul..?

  12. Come to america I’m dying to me you guys . Spicificly JOKER!
    Your Fan.

  13. sorry 4 requesting again.. this time can I want kyuhyun pic with name ‘ijat’ on it.. this is present 4 her (ijat) birthday.. (^ ^)

  14. u can do it in u way i just want for siwon and if u can i want it to be with white and red color
    i mean u always make colors for the pic right ? so i would like the color to be red and white but if u didn’t understand me then u can make it u way coz i like ur style ..
    i’m sorry if u still don’t understand i can’t say it more clearly i’m sorry T_T

  15. did my request have done..?

  16. Hi,
    I would like a copy of the SJ KyoChon 2011 Calendar?
    Please contact me at fengzhen8586@hotmail.com?


  17. i’m going crazy with all this poster..!^^ can i have one more..?^^

    heechul pics..!!^^

    can i ask you to put this words on that poster..

    ‘universal big star heenim’..

    can u?

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