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Hee Chuls’ Fancafe Message – 010811

110801 Kim Heechul left a message on his fan-cafe at 1:39am Title: It’s been a long time ^-^ Actually, I was not playing cafe, so I’ve forgotten my user ID & password. keke Finally I’ve found it. ^-^ Has been using twitter only. Haha Seems like is the first message after a long time ^-^ […]

[PIC/wb] 110416 Ivy Chen’s update about Siwon + Donghae

► 東海跟始源的魅力無法擋,今天兩人合體,電視台外大爆滿~,酷斃了 ► Donghae and Siwon’s charm is really irresistible. Today the two people combined, the outer side of TV Station is packed~, so cool Source: Ivy Chen’s Weibo Translated by: yaywestwick @ ps. ivy chen is donghae and siwon’s co-star in their drama Extravagant Challenge!~

Weibo Update : Henry

Note: In Bold are the orginal updates from Henry 你们好吗??? 对不起我迟到了 因为我生病了 下了飞机很不舒服 祝大家新年快乐 身体健康 学业进步 兔年行大运 对不起让你们久等了 How are you all??? Sorry I’m late . Because I’m sick, after alighting from the plane I felt a bit uncomfortable. Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year, Stay healthy (it’s a chinese idiom) , Improvements in your […]

Weibo Update : Han Kyung – 020211

坚强的豆豆,豆豆加油!看你今晚精彩的演出。 Resilient Dou Dou, Dou Dou jiayou*! (Will be) watching your brilliant performance tonight. @王平久:豆豆提出要开始准备下午的直播和春晚,医生批准了她的请求,医生说,这个小孩真了不起!我也让她看了大家的留言,她让我帮她谢谢大家,她一定会努力,不辜负大家的希望。让我们一起祝福她吧! @Wang Ping Jiu: Dou Dou** proposed that she wanted to begin preparing for the afternoon’s live broadcast and Spring Night Gala, (and) the doctor approved her request, the doctor said, this kid is really something! I’ve showed her the messages that everyone had left for […]

110124 Hangeng 4 Weibo Updates + Photo

微博酒会微博控的礼物! Weibo cocktail party’s present for the Weibo Kong*! * 微博控/Weibo Kong is a term used to describe the group of people who are addicted to Weibo.18:03 GMT+8 (19:03 KST) 爱艺术,看芭莎艺术! (If you) love art, (then) read Bazaar Art! @ 时尚芭莎:为了艺术!转一下!:中国第一本国际化艺术杂志《芭莎艺术》今天正式创刊啦!怀着对艺术的真诚与热爱,芭莎艺术为你奉献:品鉴最新艺术的知识, 购买最佳艺术品的专业宝典,了解艺术世界的传略集成…通向艺术世界的桥梁,从全新《芭莎艺术》开始吧!全国发售附赠艺术家创作的手袋。爱艺术,看芭莎艺 术! @Fashion Bazaar: For the sake of art! Pass it around!: China’s first […]