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110408 Bowling Pins Signed by DBSK, Super Junior’ Kibum, & SHINee’s Minho

The picture was recently uploaded and it caught the attention of netizens. The bowling pins were signed by DBSK, SHINee’s Minho, and Super Junior’s Kibum. Credit: nate + reuploaded by stalker93 posted by TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

[tw] Ki Bum’s Update – 010411 1P

[tw] 110207 Kibum 7 Tweets 우리 연기 작업하는 팀과 여행가기전 장보는중 아침일찍부터 준비했더니 피곤하다.. 즐거운 여행되길..^^ In the midst of marketing before leaving for our acting team’s holiday. (We) started preparing since early in the morning so (we’re all) tired.. It will be a good holiday..^^ ► @Coose234 죽겠지ㅋ @Coose234 (I) feel like dying ㅋ   ► […]

Heechul reveals a pre-debut picture + Better Quality + Additional Info