Han Kyung

110925 Evaluation of Han Geng: Han Geng’s story is really touching – Messages to Han Geng

He Gui (Teacher He from Happy Camp) said: Han Geng has good relationships with everyone, I like him. Everything he says is very sincere. He makes us proud; he makes his country proud. Han Geng you even borrowed my money, you remember right? Han Geng is a good, honest, and kind-hearted person. On May 12 […]

Public kisses and whispering in each other ears. Hangeng misses the days he stayed with Heechul

[YEPA2] #2 Ultimate Dancer Category

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Hankyung With Yan Zhixiong

Han Geng Prepares For His Upcoming 2nd Album

Han Geng who’s currently busy filming “My Kingdom”, a historical film starring Han Geng himself with Wu Chun and Barbie Hsu, is secretly preparing for his second album. Han Geng as a fan of rock music would give off a different music feel for his upcoming second album. The entire second album would revolve around […]