Eun Hyuk

[tw] Eun Hyuk Update – 020911 1T

@AllRiseSilver : Arrived in Japan!!!

Kiss The Radio : Eunhyuk wants to undergo a cosmetic surgery? – 010911

Eunhyuk:I should consider whether to undergo a cosmetic surgery or not… Leeteuk:Oh. You want to compare yourselves to  Shindong? Eunhyuk:But if I really do so, I will regret. Leeteuk:Why? Eunhyuk:Because my natural beauty will be gone. Leeteuk:I think human is weird. When you keep on saying you are pretty, you will then become pretty. But […]

Super Junior-M make it to the weekly Oricon Album Top 10

Kiss The Radio : Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk – 010911

Super Junior will not be accompanying Heechul to his enlistment