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Kiss The Radio Transcript: Hidden Secrets, Shy Eunhyuk, Yesung’s Turtles – 310711

Hidden Secrets Eunhyuk: Today Leeteuk will say things about me (hidden trivia/secrets) Leeteuk: I won’t! Eunhyuk: You will! Last week you said that I told people things about you so you would tell them something about me! Leeteuk: I won’t, I will chat to the precious audience, I won’t talk about you. Eunhyuk: Really? You […]

Kiss The Radio Transcript – 200711

Segments about today photo: Fan 1: Eunhyuk oppa~ The new album’s teaser picture is revealed! (You) look like a prince from another country. Fan 2: Eunhyuk oppa’s look in the new album – your hair is covering your eye, what is the reason or motive for it? It looks a little obvious that there is […]

Kiss The Radio – Transcript 180711

EH: Taemin has a 10 years age gap with Leeteuk. LT: And has an age gap of 7 years with Eunhyuk. EH: Huh? LT: He has an age gap of 7 years with Eunhyuk too. EH: Yea, 7 years different, anything wrong with that~ Leeteuk turned off Eunhyuk’s mic… LT: Let us read the next […]

Eun Hyuk’s Sukira Fan Photo – 290711 3P

Kiss The Radio Update – 010611 3P