Turkish ELF’s Made a Turkey Trend for Super Junior

Yesterday, Turkish ELF’s  made  “suju come turkey” Turkey trend in twitter. As Turkey is a country in which many people is online and do a lot of trends through day, for k pop fans its a little hard to become Turkey Trend or stay there. But yesterday they made it with a big effort ^^ […]

Super Junior is ranked number 1 in a Turkish poll as the most wanted korean band in Turkey!!!

Recently there is a poll for to bring an Korean star to Turkey. Turkish fans are voting for the most wanted one. And Super Junior is ranked 2 in the poll as most wanted, and ranked 1 the most wanted band ^^ Actually at first Super Junior was number one in both but Kim Hyun Joong […]

WGM Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun got 0 votes

On the January 21st episode of MBCs We Got Married, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, and Kyuhyun had a blind date with Kang Sora’s friends Sohn Eun Suh,  Lee Sae Na, Shin Soh Yul, and Jung Yun Ju. To impress the ladies, the Super Junior boys put on a variety of talents. Sungmin showed off […]

Super Junior-Themed Restaurant in Taiwan !!!

There is a restaurant in Taiwan which themed as Super Junior.  And the adress is: SuperJunior: No.2, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist.,Taipei City 105, Taiwan R.O.C. (CR:@Sup3rJunior) (picture cr: by elf101586) °★sh°

Russians Flash Mob   Recently there is a flash mob video that k popers in Turkey are interested in. Its Russian K pop lovers flash mob and it is worth to appreciate. But Do you have more creative plans like this too??? To take attention off the k pop singers fans all over the world are doing […]