This site is specially created to serve ONLY about Super Junior news

Here the details of this site that you should know

Name : E.L.F.es’ Favourite

Founder : ღLuRVeHeeCHuLღ

Found Date : 22 Aungust 2010

First Post : Special!! MNet’s 2009 Top 100 Flower Boys

Sub-webs : Malaysia | Phillipines

Company : 13FlowerBoys

These are our current Staffs



E-mail Adress : xie_arf@yahoo.com
Facebook Profile : Hee Nim Xie ARf
Personal Blog – Blogspot : AIS-c SnoWhite (in malay)
Live Journal : http://lurveheechul.livejournal.com/
SJ-World.net : Ieka AI Ni

*you can find me on other social network by name ‘xie_arf’ or ‘lurveheechul’





E-mail Adress : sapphireblueelf@hotmail.com
Personal Blog – http://sapphireblueelf.wordpress.com


Official Translator


If there are still lots of un-official staffs out there that I haven’t list in here, please comment here to remind me

*we still open for new staff applications. please apply here

4 comments on “About

  1. juz curious,13flwerboys actually spore or msia fan site???

  2. Admin~ I’m author at 13flowerboysmalaysia . I’m hiatus last year so can’t update daily. now I’m back. I’ll try to help to update that blog with SuJu news. If you want to say something, please email to me >> jmyn_avenca94@yahoo.com <<

  3. Hi I’m Mina..yesterday, I created a page named ” SM Town Live in Canada” on Facebook…I’m really motivated to promote this page and make this event possible..with the help of my my other friends from SHINee World Canada and isnsd.com and ksodanews.com, we decided to seek help from different admins from diff . SM Town pages/sites like 13flowerboys..

    if you know a dedicated admin who’s from CANADA who can help us promote our page

    SNSD Canada
    SHINee Canada
    Super Junior Canada
    f(x) Canada
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    BoA Ctanada
    Zhang Li Yin Canada
    SM The Ballad Canada
    TRAX Canada
    The Grace Canada
    KangTa Canada

    please it will help us a lot if you can promote our page in your site..

    this is the URL of our page


    and here is our twitter account…feel free to follow us anytime


    please we need your help with this page.. we’re hoping to have 10,000 likes SOON….

    we CANADIAN fans really want our voices to be heard by SM entertainment
    just like those french and mexican fans..

    have a nice day!!

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