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111226 Siwon to get a new voice for Skip Beat

After two weeks of broadcast, GTV has decided to replace Kun Da, who has been dubbing Siwon’s voice, with a professional voice actor. Since the beginning of the drama netizens have been criticizing Siwon’s dub, saying “Siwon’s character, Dun He Lian, is mature, but Kun Da’s voice is too cute.” Because of the Super Junior fans voicing their dissatisfaction towards the dubbing, it has caused Kun Da’s fans to feel very unhappy, leading to the two fan groups bickering at each other online.

GTV announced on their official Facebook that they will replace Kun Da with a professional voice actor, but expressed gratitude for Kun Da’s hard work. Darren of The Drifters will remain as Donghae’s voice.

Please tweet me  (@elf101586) if you are going to take the information out. 

Translated by @elf101586 

One comment on “111226 Siwon to get a new voice for Skip Beat

  1. Siwon and Donghae is a good person,handsome,adn they are is a good singer.

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