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111122 Taiwan Fans Cheated During Super Junior’s Opening of Super Show 4

Korean group Super Junior’s world tour, Super Show 4 opened in Seoul last weekend. There were many fans from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who had all gone to Korea to support their idols. However, there were 30 Taiwanese fans who had to turn back.  According to the Taiwan media, when it was time to enter the venue, these Taiwanese fans discovered that the tickets in their hands were fake.  They searched for the person who had bought the tickets for them, but they had also been cheated as well.  They then reported this to the Korean police.

During Super Show 4 Super Junior gave all of their efforts to please the fans.  For Ryeowook’s solo he pulled his shirt up to show off his muscles and also danced seductively with a female dancer, making fans go crazy, while Leeteuk showed off his talents by playing both the saxophone and the piano.  Unfortunately, during rehearsal Donghae injured his eyes and had to wear sunglasses to perform.  Although Super Junior performed for 4 hours, they were still in great spirits when attending their press conference.

Please tweet me  (@elf101586) if you are going to take the information out. People have already started to take the translation out without credits >__< I hate it when that happens ~__~

Credit: Apple Daily
Translated by @elf101586

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