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110911 Skip Beat Drama Release Date

GTV’s Three Prime Time Idol Dramas “In Time With You”, “Skip Beat” and “Absolute Darling”

Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon, as main casts of Skip Beat, are showing their talents in the drama. In Time With You (starring Ariel Lin and Wilson Chen) will air on September 18, and if no sudden situations appear, it is anticipated to end on December 11. Skip Beat will immediately air after In Time With You. It is anticipated that its first episode will air on December 24 and finish airing sometime in April of 2012. However, this cannot be confirmed because if sudden situations occur and In Time With You doesn’t air one week, the release date of Skip Beat will be pushed back accordingly. However, Skip Beat fans can anticipate Skip Beat being released in December of 2011. Absolute Darling (Starring Goo Hye Sun and Jiro Wang) will air the week after the final episode of Skip Beat.

Please tweet me (@elf101586) if you are going to take the information out. People have already started to take the translation out without credits >__< I hate it when that happens ~__~

Credit: GTV
Translated by @elf101586
Posted by elf101586 (www.13flowerboys.wordpress.com)

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