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[tw] Hee Chul Update 3 – 3100811 2T 1P

@Heeedictator I should have done a 2 to 8 parting  ㅋㅋ RT  @ryeong9  Hyung who is eating the dinner I prepared ^^ Although he shaved his head he is still so pretty~ his appearance doesn’t only depend on his hairstyle kyakya so handsome!!!

@HeeedictatorChunja – what is love. I remember it was out around the time me and Geun Seuk were MCs for Inkigayo. Although the debut song was ‘Only with a nice chest are you a woman’ I really liked this song. I suddenly thought of Chunja noona.http://yfrog.com/ke1uqidj

Source: @Heedictator & @ryeong9
Translation: @MinBunny | http://minbunny.tumblr.com/ (thank you!)
Shared at www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid
Shared: 13flowerboys.wordpress.com

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