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Strong Heart Trans: Super Junior Donghae revealed ‘I was attacked before debut, but no help from Leeteuk’

On August, 23th, SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Donghae revealed that before Super Junior debut, he was attacked.

Donghae said, “Before we debut as Super Junior, we almost debut as Smile. At that time, there’re me and Leeteuk in this group.” and “We went to see a soccer match at the restaurant because of 2002 World Cup. Korea won at that time. I was so happy, so cheering very loud, and then 2 men nearby looked to and shout at us ‘Hey! both of you come here!’ “

Donghae said, “I was just a teenager that time, and tell them angrily ‘What?’. two men came to me as the same size as Kang Hodong, and another one was as the same size as Eunhyuk.” He added, “After I said ‘What?’, there was some fight. I was attacked by many, so I was injured.”

He revealed that “I had no scare, but I think it’s not good for me because I had the schedule on the next day (shooting for Jacket album of Smile)” He added that “I watched K-1 fighting competition with Leeteuk before this happened, so I asked him ‘Hyung! If this thing happened to me, will you protect me?’, then Leeteuk said, ‘You are my brother, I’ll protect you by myself!’ ” He continued, “But that time, I was attacked strongly, and could see some blood. I think my face is important, and I should protect it, so I only protect my face. While I saw Leeteuk fight with a man who’s like ancovy, I called him to help me. He replied that ‘Wait! I’ll fight this man off.’ I had been attacked for 15 minutes, and then 3 men left “

“Leeteuk came to see me and asked if I were ok, but there’s too much of my blood at that time. He said, ‘Actually, I should protect you’ ” He added, “When we back dorm, my face swelled so much. So, Yesung took an egg to soothe my face. Leeteuk shout ‘I’m so sorry, I can’t protect you!’ “

For Yesung who heard all of this, he throw an egg to Donghae’s bed and said ‘Donghae ~ I’m also sorry that I can’t help you’, he said angrily. After that, Leeteuk and Yesung said they couldn’t let it go like this. They suddenly went outside. Donghae thought they might go to revenge for him.

2 hours later, Leeteuk back to dorm again. The manager asked him ‘Where did you go?’ He replied that “Sa-u..Sa-u (Sa-u means fight)” He said like that, and then suddenly said “Sauna” made the audiences laughed.

Leeteuk said, “We actually went out with no plan, but in fact, we couldn’t do anything” He added, “Since we shout loudly before went out, it’s cool, so we couldn’t back again doing nothing. We had to find something to do before”, he said humorously.

English translation: paepaero @ BeloveDHae
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