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Strong Heart Ep 92 Transcript : Hee Chul, Si Won, Dong Hae

Kim Heechul, Son Ye Jin, and….

Donghae: “I once went out for a meal with Heechul-hyung and Son Ye Jin. The shop owner saw Heechul and said, “Heechul-ah you’re here! So good-looking~” Then saw Son Ye Jin-noona and said “the movies you act in are really nice!” and he didn’t know me. After eating, the shop owner asked for autographs from Yejin-noona and Heechul-hyung. He then saw me and asked who I am, and what is my name. I told him “ah, I’m Heechul-hyung’s dongsaeng. My name is KIM Donghae.”

Siwon – Donghae Love Fight?

Donghae: “Siwon-ssi once looked into the mirror and called me over and asked me, ‘Do you think I’m charismatic?’ I jokingly replied ‘you are not.’ and he got angry. I then asked him, ‘you’re not reading your script?’ he replied ‘Why do I have to read the script when I’m not charismatic.’ I then asked, ‘Siwon-ah, wanna have some coffee?’ He then replied (pissed off) ‘I’m not charismatic so I’m not going to drink it.’”

translated by sica for @sujuquotes
shared by AYOSHIARI@sj-world.net with permission
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Shared: 13flowerboys.wordpress.com

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