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Hyorin, G.O, Kyuhyun are leaving ‘Immortal Song 2′

<Immortal song 2> will be having some major changes. 

Recently, one of the staff members for the show has expressed that the KBS 2TV <Immortal song 2> members, Sistar’s Hyorin, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and MBLAQ’s G.O, will stop appearing on the show.

They will be recording their last episode on the 29th of August. The chance that these members will be leaving the show is high. KBS in-charge said: “There will be 4 people who will stop appearing for the show, but as of now, we are not sure.”

Hyorin has been appearing on <Immortal song 2> for around 2 months now, and has been getting first place in most of the episodes with her outstanding singing capability. It even gained her the nickname of “Korea’s Beyonce.”

G.O, the main vocalist of MBLAQ, attracted the public with his charisma. Also, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was able to present his very best on the stage despite poor health conditions. This caused him to gain positive compliments from the public.

The reasons that they will stop appearing on the show is because of their busy schedules, such as traveling overseas for promotions. Recently many idols have gone to countries (such as Japan) for events and appearing on TV shows, which help in promoting their new albums.

On the contrary, Huh Gak (from Superstar K2) will remain on the show. <Immortal song 2> will recruit new members after the leaving of Hyorin, G.O, and Kyuhyun. <Immortal Song 2> also plans on releasing a special episode[s].

c r e d i t s ;
Source: Newsen| Chinese Translation: 音悦台Super Junior饭团 ; Jiajia
English Translation: XIAOSI@super-legacy.com
Edited by: κяìssⓐsaυя @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM


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