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Public kisses and whispering in each other ears. Hangeng misses the days he stayed with Heechul

Public kisses and whispering in each other ears. Hangeng misses the days he stayed with Heechul.

Hangeng was once a Super Junior (SJ) member. While studying in Beijing, because the group ‘Shinwa’ had been popular there, hence most of his friends were into the Korean wave. Being influenced, he hoped that he could join a Korean group in the future as well.

When he was 19, he was chosen by SJ’s company SM entertainment, so he went to Korea alone to be trained. He is the only foreigner in the group, and he did not know Korean as well. The first friend he befriended was Heechul. The both of them were roommates, Heechul takes care of Hangeng in both work and in everyday life.

Hangeng says that: “Heechul is my best friend, we had always stayed together, and we talk about everything.”  Both of them has also stuck together in public, most of the time whispering things to each other, kissing and more intimate things. When Hangeng left the group, Heechul was the most hurt. During January this year, SJ opened a concert in Beijing; this is the first concert without Hangeng. When Heechul was singing Shining Star, he started to cry, Fans all said that this is the first time they saw Heechul cry in a concert.

After Hangeng went solo, his career went up a new level, and Heechul was happy for him, he even said during radio broadcast that he misses the days where he taught Hangeng how to sing Korean songs in the recording studio.

For the both of them, their brotherhood had never changed, when Hangeng went to Korea for 2 days to film the MV of his new song, he did not have any time to go out and look for Heechul for a meal, so Heechul specially went to the flimset to look for him. Then there was when the 2 had time to meet and talk for a while. Hangeng said, Heechul is his best friend, and this fact will never change, and that the dumplings his mum makes are delicious, hope that one day he can treat Heechul in his mum’s dumpling shop.

Translated from Chinese to English by @ampburger of @heechulfacts
Credit Chinese original article: 瓶只是瓶@weibo via everlastinghanchul@tumblr
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