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5 comments on “[YEPA2] #1 Best Member Category

  1. leeteuk… es el mejor miembro es el mas completo debido a la responsabilidad como lider (alegre, responsable, caballeroso y lindo en todos los aspectos) … a sabido sacar adelante a suju nunca se a deja vencer ahora que esta dejando el grupo creo que lo deja sin preocupacion alguna por que sabe que los integrantes seguiran lo que el esta dejando … =)

  2. i like him because he good leader 😀

  3. Kyuhyun the magnae – in the last year he has been the most versatile singer (won twice on Immortal Song 2 and sang in multiple genres including ballad, rock, dance etc; been on KRY concert tour; provided the best emotional delivery for Poseidon OST; has been sought after by industry veterans including now having his own MV Late Autumn as part of songwriter Yoon Jong Shin’s Monthly Project for Nov; AND has sung beautiful solos in multiple languages for concerts, radio, variety shows etc in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English etc); been in a musical and won the Golden Ticket Rising Star award for his performance in the Three Musketeers; was a host on SJ Foresight and now on Radio Star; been involved in multiple variety shows with SJM and showing off his amazing Chinese ability, quirkiness and lack of pretentiousness; danced as a main dancer in the dance break of Mr. Simple; and most importantly remaining true to himself and being just Kyuhyun despite all the hype, popularity and controversy around him this year.

  4. I can’t seem to vote at all – the button just keeps spinning D:

  5. Donghae is definitely the best member for various reasons. I’m not going to list them all because then this would go on until the end of time. :DD I only found out about Super Junior this year in April. The first music video I watched was Sorry Sorry and the member that kind of danced across the screen singing his part stood out to me. He’s very handsome, charismatic, charming, humorous, my list of adjectives could go on and on. He’s just that amazing. What else do you need in the best member.?(:

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