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Kiss The Radio Transcript – 200711

Segments about today photo:

Fan 1: Eunhyuk oppa~ The new album’s teaser picture is revealed! (You) look like a prince from another country.
Fan 2: Eunhyuk oppa’s look in the new album – your hair is covering your eye, what is the reason or motive for it? It looks a little obvious that there is a reason!

EH: Actually we didn’t know too. Today when I was excercising in the gym, my trainer suddenly showed me, “Yah! What is this photo about?” When I saw it, then I realized that we were already on the news and reports…

LT: Yes~ I got a shock! I thought that it was accidently leaked out.

EH: A lot of people are curious of the style and genre this time… Anyway, it will just be a very colourful style.

LT: And there are also a lot of people who are curious why is Eunhyuk the first one (for the release of the photo). Actually, the person-in-charge for our album also got a shock at that time and he said, “Why has Eunhyuk became the first one?”

EH: There isn’t such a thing~ I said that I was the main!

source: 大进比进儿大 | trans @_vera
Taken from: http://www.tweetdeck.com/twitter/YesungCenter/~aV4T5

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