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Kim Heechul’s Secrets Revealed

7 stars are locked in a strange warehouse!!
The best stars who are gathered together because their acquaintances’ accusations!!
Also! Very special secrets revealed by the stars’ closest friends!
Their unbelievable stories are waiting!!

From their risky personal lives to twists that cannot be foreseen!
A great match will be shown for the stars’ top secrets!!
What are the stars hiding??
You can meet the stars’ intriguing secret! Secret!!!

# Kim Heechul, the secret that his personal trainer revealed is?
# Kim Heechul, his secret that made everyone at the studio appalled is?
KBS 2TV “Declaration of freedom Saturday- Secret” Saturday, June 4 5:50 PM.
Kim Heechul’s personal trainer made a surprise appearance and revealed “it’s painful whenever I do sit-ups with Heechul.”

Kim Heechul was surprised when his personal trainer appeared on screen and was shocked when his trainer revealed his secret.
After Kim Heechul’s personal trainer revealed his secret, other guests thought the rumor about Kim Heechul liking men was true and teased Kim Heechul. Kim Heechul denied the rumor and became flustered.
In this episode, Super Junior’s member Leeteuk, Rainbow Woori, Yang Jinsuk and a psychic who is close with Kim Heechul also revealed his secrets.

# Leeteuk who lives in the dorm with Kim Heechul reveals, “Kim Heechul’s man next door!!”
# Suju Leeteuk reveals the secret about Kim Heechul’s life in the dorm and “the man next door!”

Kim Heechul’s secret keyword “the man next door” was chosen by the entire cast as the secret that they want to hear the most.
Leeteuk did not disappoint the cast’s expectation and revealed Kim Heechul’s life in the dorm that was hidden from the public. Leeteuk also revealed the truth about “the man next door.”

To Leeteuk who revealed all of his secrets, Kim Heechul sent Leeteuk a message saying, “You won’t get away with this” and explained the secrets that Leeteuk revealed.

Also, Kim Heechul showed off his girl group dance skills that he secretly practiced in his dorm. Kim Heechul’s secret, “the man next door” and his hidden girl dance skills will be revealed on “Declaration of freedom Saturday- Secret.”

Source: KBS
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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