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Heechul loves JYP, loves himself, but can’t get a compliment from Rainbow’s Woori

On May 31st, Super Junior’s Heechul guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and talked about his unique style of DJing.

Heechul began, “There might be people that hate me because they think I’m purposely putting myself out there with antics, but I think I’m actually well-liked. Even before my debut, my agency would always just let me slide by saying, ‘Sure, because you’re Kim Heechul.’”

He continued, “Even while on radio, I say things like, ‘The label inside my heart is JYP.’ They (SM) are understanding of that. On SBS’s radio show, I’ll say, ‘I’m not in a good condition right now so go listen toMBC or KBS.‘ The producers are understanding of me. But still, there are people that are probably uncomfortable with that. If so, then you can just change the channel to ‘Win Win.’”

After a round of laughter from the panelists, Heechul confidently remarked, “Even if they change the channel, they’ll come back to me in the end. I have a charm. You can’t be where I am without charms.”

MC Kang Ho Dong asked, “Aren’t MCs supposed to make sure that the guests shine?”, to which Heechul replied, “As a doctor, you have to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your patients. I, too, have to shine first so that I can make my guests shine.”
Rainbow’s Woori added, “On my first radio guesting with him, he asked me what I thought of his first impression. I really didn’t know so I answered as honestly as I could. His hair was greasy at the time so I said it looked like he hadn’t washed his hair.” With a laugh, she continued, “He became sulky after that and didn’t ask me one question through the entire radio show.”

To that, Heechul replied, “A lot of people compliment me when I ask for my first impression. I ask a lot of questions for those people. I don’t think I’ll be seeing Woori next week.”

cr: newsen | allkpop.com | sapphirepearls | 13flowerboys

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