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Tens upon thousands of people awaits SJM at Malaysian National Youth Association Day

Becoming the final act of the National Youth Association Day, tens upon thousands of people awaits Super Junior-M

Super Junior M performed as the final act for the Malaysian National Youth Association Day on Saturday night, and attracted tens upon thousands of people to wait for them on the streets, only to welcome SJ-M’s stage appearance at 10pm. There were quite a number of fans who rushed to climb the railings and traffic lights without caring for their safety for the sake of seeing SJ-M with their very own eyes, and there were even fans who fainted at the scene.

The concert was an open performance, and in addition to SJ-M’s appearance on stage, dancing and singing to their new song “Perfection”, they also showed off their Malay language (skills) with “Apa Khabar” and “Sayang” as well, each sentence driving the fans to go crazy and lose control.

Fans were extremely elated

Aside from that, SJ-M also used their “trump cards”, making 5 female fans and 1 male fan who was very luckily picked to go on stage to be extremely elated. The male fan was too delighted that he didn’t know what to do when he could hug with his idol. Henry and Ryeowook bear-hugged the female fans, causing the fans be to emotional to the point of tears. Zhou Mi unexpectedly expressed that he didn’t want to hug with the female fan, but immediately knelt down and kissed the girl’s wrist, causing the fan to be extremely shocked; Eunhyuk chose to hug the female fan from behind instead, causing the fans below the stage to be extremely jealous.

SJ-M, who hopes that they could return to Malaysia to have a fanmeeting session and concert, sang for a total of an hour during the event, and they also had their solo performances. During Eunhyuk’s solo he even danced the moon walk while grabbing his crotch, causing the fans to go into hysteria. Zhou Mi, who has considerable friendships with Malaysian artists, specially picked his good friend Zhang Z-Chen’s song, “Ling Chen San Dian Zhong” (3AM) to be performed (at the event).

Source: Nanyang.com
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Shared by ♡ NadyaDyana♡ @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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