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SJ-M’s Ryeowook is reluctant to leave Taiwan, fans urge him not to leave

Korean group Super Junior M (SJ-M in short) had a long stay in Taiwan for almost 2 months, they not only made huge improvements in their (Chinese)verbal abilities, but they have also come to understand Taiwan at a greater depth. During these 2 months, SJ-M and the Taiwanese staff members have cultivated very good understanding with one another, the Taiwan staffs were also all praises towards their dedication and professional attitudes, but undoubtedly the one that benefited the most were none other than the fans who are so fond of them as they were able to see their idols at such close proximities all the time.

Now, SJ-M’s long stay (in Taiwan) has officially come to an end, some of the members have already concluded their living arrangements in Taiwan today, member Ryeowook left a message on his Twitter at the wee hours of the morning saying: “It is raining now…and it feels like it’s raining in my heart as well..Taiwan fans…please take care..don’t catch a cold..I’m really reluctant to leave everyone.. ㅠByebye” These words truly expressed Ryeowook’s reluctance to leave Taiwan.

After seeing the message, Taiwan fans had one after another left messages requesting him not to leave; owing to the fact that Ryeowook has been deemed by fans and members as the one who loves to eat the most, there were also many fans that asked him: “Is it because you’ll miss Taiwan’s delicacies?”. There were also fans who urged them to quickly return to Korea to reunite with the other members, so that this way, they’ll be able to meet everyone again with a new appearance through their new album.

However, SJ-M’s fans do not need to be too upset, as SJ-M had already announced during their previous fan sign in Taipei that they will be having two sessions of their fan party on the 6th of June. The ticket sales have already began today afternoon and it is expected to once again set off a ticket-purchasing frenzy.

Source: news.sina.com
Translated by: KyU Is L♥Ve@SJ-WORLD.NET

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