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[tw] 110420 Leeteuk 1 Tweet

잠자는 숲속의 노숙자..정말 없어보인다 ㅋㅋ피곤했나봐 ㅋㅋ http://yfrog.com/h4fuqcjj
The sleeping homeless person.. Really looks shabby ㅋㅋ seemed that (I) was really tired ㅋㅋ http://yfrog.com/h4fuqcjj

당신이잠든사이..무슨일이일어난걸까..날저렇게 보고가셨구나 ㅋㅋ 예성아 고마워 ㅋㅋ더 자고싶었어 ㅋㅋ 입 아 벌리고..피곤했나봐 ㅋㅋ http://yfrog.com/gyjcefaj
While you are sleeping..What exactly will happen (around you).. Looks like (others) just took a look of me like that and left ㅋㅋ Yesung-ah thank you ㅋㅋ I still want to sleep more ㅋㅋ ‘Ah’ mouth opened (in such a manner).. seemed that (I) was really tired ㅋㅋhttp://yfrog.com/gyjcefaj

Source: @special1004
Korean-Chinese translation by 大进比进儿大 @ Weibo
Chinese-English translation by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with FULL and proper credits.

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Hiiiii^^ I'm Annie, and currently attending school in New Zealand - I am Chinese, so feel free to ask me to translate/explain anything posted w/Chinese in it~XD

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