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Zai Yangmingshan. Suiran you dian yu, dan bu hui leng zhebian de cai hen haochi^-^yihou zai yiqi qu ba!! yiyan weiding~♥ twitpic.com/4lmb53
At Yangmingshan. Although it’s drizzling, but it’s not cold The food here is really delicious^-^ Let’s go again together in the future!! It’s a promise~♥ twitpic.com/4lmb53

* Yangmingshan is one of the eight national parks in Taiwan

Source: @ryeong9
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

PS: the way wookie wrote it says “but its not cold the food here is really delicious” with no punctuation – lol….talking about the weather and then switching topics suddenly to food ^^ kawaii~

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Hiiiii^^ I'm Annie, and currently attending school in New Zealand - I am Chinese, so feel free to ask me to translate/explain anything posted w/Chinese in it~XD

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