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[NEWS] 110415 Shindong; “It’s still awkward with Donghae”

Super Junior member Shindong who debuted 7 years ago, still has an awkward relationship with his members. This caught the eyes of the people.

Shindong appeared on MBC’s Bouquet, which was broadcasted on the 17th, and was asked on the show “When performing together, do you have anyone you want to confess to?”Shindong answered “Super Junior member Donghae”.

Shindong has been a member of Super Junior and debuted 7 years ago, but he admitted “If I’m alone with Donghae, it would be very awkward”.

In addition, Moon Hee Jun said he wanted to gather all the members of H.O.T, and decided on a “H.O.T reunion” at Bouquet’s confession table. Shindong said “If it’s like this, I would also invite Lee Soo Man teacher.” This caused Moon Hee Jun to be flustered.

Meanwhile, Shindong’s frank confession on Bouquet would be aired on the 17th at 9.25 pm.

Source: Osen
Shared by AYOSHIARI@sj-world.net
Korean to Chinese translation:佳佳@ 音悦台SUJU饭团 (yinyuetai.com)
Chinese to English translation: ≈ tiηg♡ @ sj-world.net

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