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[NEWS] 110407 The reason why Sungmin had a big fight with his manager; + anecdote about Leeteuk and manager

Sungmin is known for his strict self-discipline and exceptionally high enthusiasm for educating.

He wanted to learn English and Japanese. So, he has signed up for a dawn course of the language institutions which is located nearby dorm.

After absorbing schedules till the late night, he got up at daybreak and went to language institution by his scooter. And he took a class with ordinary people.

However, Manager who accidentally discovered this was furious.

Manager got upset, not because Sungmin took a class with ordinary people, but because Sungmin chose the way which made him tired physically.

He called Sungmin out and bawled “If you had told this to company, We could have provide you with a good instructor at your convenient time.”

But Sungmin opposed “English doesn’t help the activity for now, so if I told you that I wanna learn English, I will think that hyung might be tired and bothered to adjust the schedule for me.”

They fought because they care about each other so much.

After this incident happened, Managers of Super Junior have gotten into the habit of asking Sungmin first “Sungmin-ah, Do you want anything to study these days?”

There is another warm anecdote between SJ and their managers.

When Leeteuk was actively engaged in many variety shows, Lots of heavy schedules wearied him. so He couldn’t get up one morning.

then Manager carried Leeteuk on his back to ven. Manager just hoped that Teuk takes a rest until they arrive at make-up shop.

There is a warm-hearted group like Super Junior. But on the other hand, There are some Idol groups who make their manager sweat hard.

Drinking and Playing with friends till late at night, being late for schedule, Even there are some Idol who swears at their manager or put them to practically slave labor.

Look at Super Junior, and Let’s emulate them.

Source: High Cut Magazine Vol. 50
Translated by: the_Chess @ twitter
Shared by: saorilight @ SJ-World.net


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