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Super Junior Eunhyuk gets caked for his 25th birthday

On April 4th, Super Junior Eunhyuk celebrated his 25th birthday. On Monday, he updated his Twitter and said, “Euhahahahahahaha……..hahaha a ha……Ahahaha….haha…..ha……..h………I feel terribly happy……………..kukuku,” and posted a photo with it. The photo reveals Eunhyuk smiling happily at the camera with two V-signs. What has gotten the most attention from this photo is that Eunhyuk is completely covered in cake.

Fans have left messages such as, “Seems like you’re very happy. Stop laughing! Gimme slice of cake, will you?” “Happy birthday our anchovy,” and “You don’t look 25!”

Eunhyuk is recently part of Super Junior-M and is currently in China promoting the mini-album “Perfection.” To promote as part of a Super Junior-M member, Eunhyuk has halted his activities andappearances on SBS “Strong Heart.”

Source: 10Asia and @AllRiseSilver, koreaboo
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