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110404 Sukira Call Out to Eunhyuk Transcript

Note: the chinese translation used was not very precise so it may contain inaccuracies.


Leeteuk: Today is our Eunhyuk’s birthday, for (the sake of) Eunhyuk-ssi, for (the sake of) our KTR listeners, let’s have a call-out session.
Leeteuk/Yesung: Hello!
Eunhyuk: Hello~
Leeteuk: Ah Eunhyuk-ssi, it’s been long since we last met~
Eunhyuk: it’s been long~
Leeteuk: are you living well?
Eunhyuk: yes, (I’m) living very well
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk-ssi (,) happy birthday~
Leeteuk/Yesung:(sings the birthday song)
Leeteuk: happy birthday
Eunhyuk: keke, thank you, but (it) seems like there’s no sincerity
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk-ssi, we’ve always been like this~
Eunhyuk: ah it’s a little nervous having a phone call session
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk-ssi, think of it like we’re having (the usual) broadcast recording~
Eunhyuk:(couldn’t figure out due to poor reception)
Leeteuk: ah, seems like it’s* going to end?

(call disconnected)

Leeteuk: Actually today is the 4th of April, what day is it Yesung-ssi?
Yesung: it’s a very special day ah~
Leeteuk: it’s our Eunhyuk day~ Super Junior’s dancing machine~ Eunhyuk ah!! Eunhyuk-ssi!!
Yesung: are we calling out now?
Leeteuk: are we able to connect the call? Eunhyuk-ssi, say something~
Leeteuk: feels like (we’re) calling in to Won bin~
Eunhyuk: actually, I’ve been working hard for preparation during this period of time~ preparing for the KTR listeners.
Leeteuk: yes, sorry to trouble you~
Eunhyuk: hohoho… ( and started on a rap used to introduce ways on sending text messages in to Sukira)
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk-ssi, is this a self-composed song?
Eunhyuk: yes, this is a self-composed song~ (It’ll be) used in the next album~
Leeteuk: thank you, lastly do you have any more words to say?
Eunhyuk: is the session on guests selecting songs still on-going for now?
Leeteuk: yes, it is.
Eunhyuk: then I’ll apply (as the guest) the next time
Yesung: Eunhyuk-ssi, for Eunhyuk-ssi, I prepared an event~
Eunhyuk: is this Yesung-ssi now?
Leeteuk: yes
Yesung: don’t always ignore hyung!
Yesung: anyway I prepared an event** for you, please listen (to it) carefully
Eunhyuk: is this Yesung-ssi?
Yesung: listen to it properly
Leeteuk: Eunhyuk-ssi, can you hear it?
Eunhyuk: ah~ thank you~

*the phone call
**should be referring to the birthday song sung by fans (open studio)

Chinese translation: woonvoice
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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