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‘A+’ ‘We are Friends’… ★ Fanclub names’ hidden meanings

To a star, fans are supporters as well as those that make the stars shine brighter. Fans try to promote their stars and go a step closer to their stars by joining together to form a ‘fan club’. Especially, official fanclubs have come to represent and be the face of their stars. Due to this, official fan clubs’ names have very important meanings.

The names of idol’s official fanclubs are varied and groundbreaking. One can feel how much the fans love their stars through the names of their fanclubs. There are names that have a relation to the group’s name or the members, and there are names that want to be one with their stars, and promise to be their everlasting friends. These are the observation of the idol fanclub names and their meanings.

“Star and Fans are forever one”

Super Junior’s Fanclub nmae has the meaning of “Everlasting Friends”. Their fanclub name is formed by abbreviating ‘ever lasting friends’ to E.L.F.

*edited to only Super Junior related

Source: Sportsseoul.com
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
posted by elf101586@13flowerboys.wordpress.com


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