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SJ-M hit each other during games on Taiwan’s programme, Siwon’s expression changed while Kyuhyun was close to tears

Internal strife within SJ-M, fiercely spanking each others’ bottom! Dong Feng’s <<Let’s Make Friends>> had earlier held an interview with SJ-M at the OLDIE GOODIE restaurant and the entrance was crowded with fans. During the programme, the members showed their talents, played games and during the “YES OR NO” segment, Zhoumi chose NO, and that gave him the authority to hit the other members’ bottoms. He first chose to hit Siwon. Siwon thought that Zhoumi would lift (the cane) high but give him a soft hit. Unexpectedly, Zhoumi does not give chance when it comes to hitting someone, pa!* The pain caused Siwon’s expression to change on the spot.

Siwon turned around pretending to be angry, seized the “little hand”** that Zhoumi likes and unexpectedly broke the “little hand” while waving it. In the end, the members decided to mutually hit each others’ bottom! Among them, Eunhyuk hit Donghae, from his bottom onwards all the way to the calf of the leg giving him 3 to 4 extra hits causing Donghae to feel that it’s unfair. Henry hit Kyuhyun the hardest and the pain caused Kyuhyun to shout aloud with his crying voice saying: “It’s as if it’s been hurting for 10 years.”

Eunhyuk also showed a small part of the “rabbit’s dance”, Siwon played the drums, Ryeowook played the keyboard, Sungmin performed the nunchucks while Zhoumi danced to his song “Miss Chic”. Other members danced along with him and everyone had tremendous fun. Donghae who has very high popularity in Taiwan carelessly chose the bitter guard and his expression changed massively after one bite. When Micky Huang requested Donghae to eat a little more, Donghae replied using Chinese: “That’s outrageous!” Micky Huang was startled with Donghae’s ability to use such advanced level of Chinese.

*sound of someone getting hit
**I assume that it’s the instrument they used as pointers?

SOURCE: iFensi.com
Translated by: KyU Is L♥Ve@SJ-WORLD.NET
Posted: avfh! (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Shared: 13flowerboys.wordpress.com

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