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Super Junior M on Taiwanese variety show Love JK

On March 30th, Super Junior M was a special invited guest on Channel V’s “Love JK,” a Taiwanese variety show hosted by Jacky Wu.

There, the Super Junior M members were tested on their ability to speak Mandarin, where Siwon received great feedback after he recited a Chinese poem. In another game segment, he managed to get everything right and expressed his happiness like a child. There was even a game modeled after those found in night markets, where the members pulled out a whole repertoire of strange tricks. Siwon performed so well that Jacky Wu exclaimed, “I should really bring you to the night market to play!”

Their overflowing charm drew hordes of fans, many of whom waited outside the studio while Super Junior M were filming. Inside, Super Junior M performed a dance. Upon seeing it, co-host Wu Jian Heng decided he wanted to try learning it too, with Eunhyuk being the designated teacher in the end. Alas, Wu Jian Heng was not too outstanding a student, causing Siwon to comment, “You look like you’re doing kungfu!” Super Junior M however kindly assured Wu by saying that they were even slower at picking up dances before their debut.

Siwon further showed how hardworking he was when he kept asking Kyuhyun how to recite a particular line of a Chinese poem.

Super Junior M has been too busy to visit any of Taiwan’s famed night markets. To rectify this, the producers brought all the delicacies of the markets to the studio: fried chicken, braised snacks, vermicelli, green onion pancakes, bubble tea, bean curd and rice cakes. On hearing that there was bubble tea, Super Junior M hugged each other in excitement. The scent of the food wafted throughout the studio, but of course, it wouldn’t be so easy for them to get to actually eat it. They first had to perform in little games, where Sungmin performed splits, Ryeowook constantly clamored for help from his fellow members, and Siwon threw rings over bottles. Siwon eventually succeeded with two bottles in his ring-tossing game, and happily enjoyed his choice of braised snacks.

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Source: Sina, koreaboo

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