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Intoxication Talk Part 1: 4 Members from Super Junior’s Pleasant Conversation

When idol group, Super Junior appeared in 2005, people particularly took notice of the number of members. It was because the group had whopping 13 members when other groups only had 5 or 6 members. The number was so big that a simple act of traveling to a concert venue was no joke.

6 years later, using quantity as their strategy, they qualitatively became successful. Although Kibum, Hangeng and Kangin left the group decreasing the number of members, the group became the top idol group with their hit songs “Sorry Sorry” and “Miinah.” Also, because of their individual and unit activities, they became more recognized. Among the members, leader Leeteuk, the oldest Kim Heechul, talented live singer Yesung and a comic Shindong are especially thriving working on TV shows and radio programs. Coincidently, these four are working at 3 broadcasting companies during prime time. It shows that they have been recognized for their talents in “chatting.”

I met these four last Sunday afternoon at a fusion restaurant in Chungdamdong, Seoul. They said it was their first time in a long time to be together in one place. Considering their respective preference, each mixed their regular soju with strawberry cocktail soju. They made a toast and had a comfortable conversation. Being the top idol and the new generation of MCs who will follow in the steps of Kang Hodong and Yoo Jaesuk, they revealed many stories.

▶Kim Heechul-a serious drinker, Shindong-a beer aficionado, Leeteuk, Yesung- can’t drink a lot
– How much do you normally drink?
Leeteuk: Me. A half bottle of soju. I can’t drink a lot. If I drink too much, I have to see what I ate that day.
Kim Heechul: I just drink a lot. (laughs) I drank until dawn yesterday too. I’m close with Beast’s Yong Joonhyung. I ate dinner with him.
Yesung: I can’t drink a lot either. I can take a half bottle of soju.
Shindong: I can drink a bottle and half of soju. But I like beer better than soju. Beer goes best with chicken. I guess I like beer, because I take after my mother. (laughs)
HC: Shindong’s parents own a beer store in Ilsan. SD: That’s correct. But if I talk about that, won’t people say something, because I’m advertising it?” (laughs)

▶Radio DJ, everyday from 8PM until 2AM of next day. 6 hours of “Suju time”
– All four of you are radio DJs. If you were to evaluate each other.
LT: Heechul is unconstrained. He’s so free that a person might question whether he can be like that. But I think it’s also his strength.
HC: Teuki is a veteran with 5 years of experience. He hosts his program smoothly and comfortably.
LT: Yesung is hosting the program with me. He’s adjusting to it quickly.
YS: Even though it’s been only a month hosting this radio program, I think the times when I hosted a DMB program is helping me. Of course, it was burdensome at first.
HC: Shindong hosts his radio program using his festival voice. I think he’s made for radio.

– I guess then everyday from 8PM for 6 hours is “Suju time.
LT: I guess so. But I think the time between 10 and 12 is the gold time frame. (laughs)

– Did you ever make a mistake?
SD: I once fell asleep while hosting that I could have caused a broadcast accident. One time, I was so tired that I was dozing off and talking in my sleep. I had to say to the listeners, “I’ll give you pizza as a present.” I thought of a bow that I saw in my dream, so I said, “I’ll give you a bow.” Fortunately, no one caught it and I moved on. (laughs)

HC: I often make the mistake of switching the singer’s name with the song title. I had to say Sunye’s “Maybe,” but I said Maybee’s “Sunye” instead. (laughs)

LT: Previously, when I hosted the program with Eunhyuk, we burst out laughing, because of English pronunciation. It was Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.,” but we read U.S.A. as Yuja. It was because we were rushing. We were sweating. (laughs)

-Was there a memorable guest?
HC: Recently, Jewelry came as guests. The new member Kim Yewon was so cute. So, I hosted the program that day with an ulterior motive. (laughs)

▶The new generation of MC? Leeteuk=Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Heechul= Kim Gura, Shindong= Kang Hodong, Yesung=Suju’s pillar.
– What do you think about people labeling you as the new generation of MCs after Kang Hodong and Yoo Jaesuk?

LT: We are unworthy. As of now, we are far from it. But I talked to Boom who is going to be discharged from the army about this. We said we should work hard for the next 10 years so that we can become like the sunbaes.

– Who do you think resembles Yoo Jaesuk?
HC: It’s Teuk. I think that’s why he works well with Kang Hodong sunbae.

– Then who has Kang Hodong’s style?
LT: It’s Shindong.

– Then Heechul is?
SD: Heechul hyung is Kim gura and Shin Dongyup mixed together. Because even if he says biting remarks, people don’t despise him anymore. (laughs)

– Only Yesung’s left.
YS: I want to do well too. But I think my role is still singing.

In unison, Leeteuk, Kim Heechul and Shindong all agreed and nodded their heads. They said Yesung has one of the greatest live singing ability among idol groups. Also, they revealed a secret. That majority of Suju’s main songs are made with Yesung’s voice as the foundation.
Source: Isplus
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
posted by elf101586@13flowerboys.wordpress.com


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