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Han Geng prepares for his second album; Choreographs for Music Billboard – From 110321

The 11th Music Billboard Award Ceremony would be held at the Dong Guan Yu Lan Theatre, popular Han Geng would be presenting a special performance at this ceremony, (and) according to reports, Han Geng would be preparing for his second album.

A performance to sum Han Geng’s achievements of the year

At the past ten Billboard ceremonies, Han Geng’s creative opening dance wowed the crowd with his superb dancing skills, (and) as for this upcoming ceremony, what does Han Geng have up his sleeves for the most anticipated performance? At Music Billboard’s exclusive interview, Han Geng revealed that he has already started choreographing (the performance’s) dance, (and) has made changes for the song, by (this) month end (he’d) be able to start practicing, (and he hopes) that he’d be able to display a performance to sum up his achievements of the year.

Until press time, Han Geng is voted the most popular male singer in the poll at the 11th Music Billboard, and has surpassed the other nominated singers. Han Geng revealed that he isn’t a very ambitious person, (and) only hopes to do whatever that he’s doing well and work hard, (so as to) not let down his fans that have supported him thus far, thanks the fans for their approval (with regards to him and his career), (and to allow) nature to decide on the (winner of the) award. Talking about his own idol, Han Geng revealed that since his schooling days he has always idolized Qi Qin, (and Han Geng) is able to sing most of his songs, but regrets not being to attend any concert by Qi Qin. Today at 1745h, at Sina Music Billboard Award Ceremony’s Most Popular Artist live telecast (would simultaneously) broadcast Han Geng’s exclusive interview, stay tuned.

Han Geng’s newest album starts preparations; To subvert the challenge of rock style

Han Geng revealed that returning back to the Mainland Chinese music industry in this one year was really essential for himself, (the) free environment allowed himself to try out different genres of music that he didn’t try out before, (and) seeing the people in the same (music) industry’s resilience and creativity, Han Geng also gained a lot of inspiration (and felt) encouraged. It has been known that as Han Geng was busy promoting for <My Kingdom>, has secretly started preparations for his second album, and the second album would give off a even more different music feel, (and) as Han Geng personally likes the rock music genre, the entire second album would revolve around the rock genre, (the album’s) music and style would be completely changed, and when talking about the future rock-styled Han Geng, Han Geng laughed while saying that he would put in place his own style, adding the rock feel into both the choreography and love songs, and (about) the overall outcome, (please) wait till the album has been released.

The 11th Music Billdboard Award Ceremony has already started its countdown, Han Geng, Yoga Lin, Tian Fu Zhen, have all already started preparations for their special performance, this ceremony is about to be launched onto the big screens. 11th April marks the day in which all the big stars come together, (and together) makes it “music is pleasant to you!”

Original Source: http://ent.gz163.cn/star/gnxw/1123910.shtml
Translated by: Gengxinn @ geng-bao.net
posted by elf101586@13flowerboys.wordpress.com


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