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Korean SJ-M Taste Delicacies of Night Markets in the Studio

Korean idol group Super Junior-M appeared today on the Channel[V] programme “I Love JK” and accepted Chinese tests; the production team even transported the night markets into the studio, the members gave it their all in the ring toss game, which was in order to taste the delicacies of Taiwan’s night markets.

SJ-M performed their dancing live at the venue, after watching it the host Wu Jianheng also wanted to learn, Eunhyuk assumed the role of teacher to teach him how to dance. Unexpectedly, when Wu Jianheng was learning the dance steps, he had the misfortune of Siwon describing it “as being like martial arts”. But SJ-M revealed that prior to entering the entertainment industry, they were even slower than Wu Jianheng in learning to dance.

In the big Chinese test, Eunhyuk took the board that had Siwon written on it, in the end he unexpectedly held it upside down. Siwon who is quite earnest in learning Chinese kept asking Kyuhyun how this verse: “searching for him a thousand times and more in the crowd, suddenly looking back, however that person was at the place where the lights were waning” from the poem should be recited, this displayed his hardworking side in showing his Chinese, which made the whole audience all feel his earnestness.

Even during the guessing of well-known products and places, Siwon also looked very closely at the explanations on the well-known products, he compared the name of each region, as a result he unexpectedly answered all five questions correctly, which made him so happy he danced for joy around the venue, just like a child.

SJ-M has been continuously busy since coming to Taiwan and still have not had the chance to visit the night markets, so “I Love JK” transported the delicacies from the whole night markets to the studio, there was salt and pepper crispy chicken, marinated foods, oyster noodle soup, green onion pancakes, bubble tea, tofu pudding and rice pudding, as soon as SJ-M heard bubble tea they hugged each other and were so excited.

But through the night market ring toss game SJ-M were able to have the opportunity to enjoy the delicacies. As a result, the members used constant strange moves, Sungmin relied on doing the splits to be able to eat the delicacies, Ryeowook, with the help of the members, was able to bend forward and successfully toss the ring; Siwon’s accuracy was astonishing, he successfully tossed rings over two bottles, he was happily able to taste marinated foods.

Source: Sina
Translated by: purple_princess@sapphirepearls.com
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