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Donghae Cyworld Diary Entry : Must Read!

Title: Pray for Michael…2011.4.1 AM 3:13

Hi. This is Super Junior Donghae. I’m doing well in Taiwan. Doing hard with my members on the album, Extravagant Challenge with Siwon…for the drama I’m working hard. Today at 12:30am I was on my way back to my room with Siwon from the Bible study that I have it everyday with my members, and I saw one Chinese man drinking alone on the street. So I asked him why he is drinking alone…He said he has laryngeal cancer. We had a conversation for about an hour and a half. The doctor will tell him whether he can live or not by having a surgery on April 3rd. So the man told me he’s too upset, tired, and scared. Siwon and I told him to stop drinking and put the cigarette on his hand down, and pray together. Michael said he doesn’t know God and praying is useless. He said he would spend his last minute with drinking and smoking only because he will die soon anyway. But Siwon and I told him to go to a church together and pray, think positively and leave bad thoughts away. Michael said such pretty words and good thoughts…anyone can say like that. He said he really thanks us, but we are not him or not in his situation, so we cannot understand him or how he feels now. So I told him about my dad who passed away. My dad had cancer too. During 3 years at the hospital he found God and was willing to become God’s son. (He was really a Christian.) I lied to Michael…that my dad is fine now…so pray and stop drinking and smoking. I can see Michael is afraid and feeble through his eyes. So I wanted to give him a hope, and also wanted him to get well soon and then we can have a meal together as friends; I believe this lie was good, which gives a hope to someone. Michael is very successful. He kept telling us to go and take a rest, but we didn’t leave him and kept talking. In front of us, Michael throw the drink and the cigarette away. He said he really thanks us for telling him a good story and giving him a good message, and he will pray and think positively. But surely we walked heavily… He said his wife is home and it’s too late, so we asked him to come to our house. He told us it’s okay, and he’s too happy to meet Super Junior and make two good friends, and he will invite us to dinner. I believe if we just said hi and passed him, he would have worse thoughts. The old saying, “Even a graze creates karma”…is right. We’re proud of being God’s sons who can be a hope of someone and encourage others. Though everyone lives each one’s life, hope we get easy, and look around ourselves to give a hand to others, and that will be a huge help. Do not just pass someone because you don’t know him or her, but say hi with a smile. If someone doesn’t say hi to you, you go to the one first and say hi with a smile; I’m sure the one will like you and you can make a new friend. I ask you to pray together. For Michael …April 3rd is the date he will receive a test result. Please pray for Michael to get healthy and the light will shine his way. And because this writing is in Korean …I don’t speak English…And I cannot speak Chinese fluently. If anyone who saw this and is able to translate, please translate it, so one becomes ten, ten becomes a hundred, and more people will be able to read this and pray for Michael for at least 30 seconds. I don’t think a success nor money is important. The importance is in other stuffs… Thank God who trained me again today. And thanks to Siwon who leads my members to God everyday, for us to be able to come to God closer. Good night, Michael…

Source: http://minihp.cyworld.com/62000821/211798335 (@donghae861015)
Translated by @ASHKooKoo
Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Shared: 13flowerboys.wordpress.com


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One comment on “Donghae Cyworld Diary Entry : Must Read!

  1. wow!! wonderful experience…
    rightfully proud to both of you oppa (donghae n siwon)
    could made someone beliave in GOD, positive thinking, n turn back him spirit.. it’s awesome..
    I beliave too, that GOD always along with US.. Always there in anyone,in anywhere,and anytime..
    N somepeople say, SMILE IS A CHARITY!! so,keep smile oppa!!

    For Michael, I’ll pray for you.. GOD always along with U.. Hope U’r condition will far healthier than yesterday.. AMIN..
    FIGHTING!!! (^^,)v

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