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Korean Celebrities Win Big at the ‘Shorty Awards’ – Hee Chul Wins Big

On March 28th, the “3rd Annual Shorty Awards“, which honors the best of Twitter and social media, announced their results for the winners and runner-ups. With Korean celebrities gaining much popularity through their Twitter accounts, it’s no surprise that many of them were nominated for the awards.

In particular, JYJ’s Jaejoong took a big win in the “Best Celebrity on Twitter” category with 5,668 votes, beating out the ever-popular Justin Bieber, who had 5,136 votes. Super Junior’s Heechul also made some noise in this category as he placed 3rd with 2,990 votes. Indeed, many Korean celebrities ranked high for this catagory, such as singer Jay Park (6th) and JYJ’s Yoochun (10th) and Junsu (11th). Super Junior’s Leeteuk (24th), Eunhyuk(39th), and Donghae (47th) also ranked in the category as well.

Korean celebrities also stood strong in the “Best Music on Twitter” category. JYJ’s Junsu came in 4th, with fellow groupmate Jaejoong following behind at 11th. Meanwhile, Jay Park was 13th, Heechul was 26th, and Yoochun was 36th.

As for the “Best Actor on Twitter“, JYJ’s Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu ranked 9th, 12th, and 26th, respectively. Super Junior’s Donhae and Heechul came in 28th and 29th, while singer/actor Rain rounded out the top 50 by placing at 46th.

Though Barney Stinson was crowned the award for the “Best Entertainment on Twitter“, JYJ’s Yoochun received the most votes with 2221 votes. Other winners in the top 50 were Jaejoong (10th), Heechul (16th), Jay Park (19th), and Junsu (28th).

The same cast raked in high marks for the “Best Fashion on Twitter” category as well, with Jaejoong in 3rd, Heechul in 8th, Yoochun in 11th, Jay Park in 36th, and Junsu in 43rd.

And finally (whew, take a breath!), Jay Park was nominated for the “Connecting People Award“, which is a special award that recognizes individuals “who genuinely bringing people together through Twitter and social media.” In Jay Park’s honorable mention, the website described:

“Jay Park, also known as Park Jaebeom, is a Korean-American singer, rapper, actor, and b-boy from South Korea who lives in Seattle.

Park had a cult following as a member of the Korean band 2PM. In 2009, Park allegedly posted ‘unfavorable comments’ about South Korea on his MySpace page, although fans argue that the comments were misinterpreted. After Park was dismissed from 2PM and JYP Entertainment, his fans boycotted the band. Park became a solo artist and got involved in charity projects, including an effort to knit hats for newborns.

Currently, he is an Art of Movement dance member and has two rap singles on iTunes. His fandom is called ‘J-Effect’ and fans are ‘JWalkers.’ Park’s cover of B.o.B’s ‘Nothin’ on You’ won an award for Best 2010 Web Video at the Mashable Awards.

He uses Twitter to communicate with fans in English and Korean, and inspires fans to volunteer and donate to good causes. Park received more nominations for this award than any other finalist. One voter wrote, ‘We not only support Mr. Park but also lend out a helping hand in improving the society around each of our communities in attempts to follow in Mr. Park’s footsteps in spreading love and respect, a motto he lives by.’”

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

To see the complete list of all the winners, visit the Shorty Awards website.

Credits: The Shorty Awards Website | allkpop
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