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SJ-M expresses desire to work with Andy Lau

Popular South Korean group Super Junior’s subunit SJ-M came to Hong Kong the other day to participate in the Asian-Pop Music Festival; it was the first time that SJ-M came to Hong Kong with a new lineup after ex-group leader Han Geng had left the group, and new member Eunhyuk did not deny that he wanted to take the opportunity to do some sight-seeing around Hong Kong. SJ-M, which has been established for 3 years, showed significant improvement in their command of the Chinese language, and they expressed their wish to work with the Hong Kong artsits, even listing Andy Lau as their first choice!

During the interview the other night, SJ-M, which had transformed into an 8-membered group, expressed that they were very delighted to be able to come to Hong Kong this time, as they have not set foot in the country for almost two years, andthat they missed the Hong Kong fans a lot. In addition, Eunhyuk expressed that he came to Hong Kong before for the sake of their concerts and also as the filming location for their photobook, (and said that) “Since I was young, I’ve heard a lot of stories from others that the night view of Hong Kong is very breathtaking, I hope that I would have the chance to take a look myself.”

As for Chinese member Zhou Mi, he said that although he “lives” close by, but he also expressed that he would like to try the gourmet food in Hong Kong.

Aside from that, Sungmin, whom is also setting foot in Hong Kong under the identity of an SJ-M member for the first time, also said that after joining SJ-M, the most unforgettable moment was when they were filming for the MV of their new song “Perfection”, because they had a Korean and a Chinese version each, so it was really taxing to film two MVs on the same day.

Kyuhyun feels happy while listening to Jay Chou’s song

Using Chinese, Kyuhyun said that in their new album 《Perfection》 this time, the song that he loves the most is 《Love Is Sweet》 (《幸福微甜》), which was composed by Jay Chou, “because when I listen to the melody of the song I feel very blessed, so I like it a lot. (However) it’s very difficult to sing to, and the lyrics are really fast.”

Nevertheless, he praised that the emotions in Siwon’s interpretation (of the song) was very good. SJ-M also mentioned that, if they had the chance, they would like to work with Andy Lau, and laughed while pointing out that “We want to allow Andy Lau and Henry Lau to work together”*. Zhou Mi also pointed out that he really likes Kay Tse and Joey Yung, and hopes that they are able to have a duet with the Hong Kong female artists in their next album.

Donghae invites fans to meet in dreams

SJ-M has been established for almost three years, and the members’ command of the Chinese language have shown significant improvement, and when asked who was the most fluent (in the language), Siwon revealed that, “Actually each of the members are good in saying different things; for example, Donghae is the best in basic conversational Chinese, while Kyuhyun is more familiar with literature and poetic phrases, and I’m good in business-related words.” Ryeowook added that, perhaps it was because he was also involved in composing, so whenever he records an album in Chinese, his pronunciation will automatically become more natural than the previous time. Zhou Mi’s Cantonese also showed a vast improvement, and could converse quite fluently (in the dialect). Aside from that, Eunhyuk expressed that there would be times where they would use the wrong language in different places, (saying that) “There was one time when I went to Italy, and I said ‘xie xie’**, and while working in the country, I would sometimes accidentally speak in Japanese. There are also times where I would mix several languages together.”

Ryeowook and Donghae also showed off their abilities in speaking the Chinese language at the scene. Ryeowook turned to the fans and said, “In order to get closer to everyone, we will do our best to participate in more television programmes, fanmeetings, performances and more, hope that everyone will support us, thank you everyone.” Donghae, on the other hand, and expressed affectionately that, “Tonight, when everyone is asleep, then come into my dreams. When you want to watch concerts and programmes, you have to purchase the tickets and queue up (for the shows). But if you come into my dreams, you don’t have to purchase tickets nor queue up. When you come into my dreams, please give me a call, thank you everyone, good night.” It is believed that the fans will definitely go to bed early, and anticipate Donghae’s appearance. On the other hand, SJ-M, who hasn’t met the fans in Hong Kong through shows in a long while, hopes that they would be able to meet with the fans, and pointed out that if they release their 5th album, they would hold some activities (in Hong Kong).

* For those who can’t really get the joke, it’s because Andy Lau’s (Liu De Hua/刘德华) and Henry’s (Liu Xian Hua/刘宪华) Chinese names only differ by virtue of the middle character.
** Xie Xie = thank you in Chinese.

Source: Singtao News (via ent.gz163.cn)
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
posted by elf101586@13flowerboys.wordpress.com



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