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SJ Three Consecutive Concerts Completed Satisfactorily, Support Japanese Earthquake Disaster from Overseas

Popular Korean idol group Super Junior held concerts at Taipei’s Super Dome for three consecutive days, besides giving lots of fan ‘service’, the members were also touched by Taiwanese E.L.F (name of SJ fans), even if injured they still went into battle!  While at their second concert SJ expressed their concern at the huge earthquake in Japan’s north-east and they sent their support and encouragement over the sea, Leeteuk and Siwon stated that there were many Japanese fans who had come for the  Taiwan concerts, they hoped that through the concerts it would give everyone strength.

The journey to Taiwan this time was for three days of concerts, during the encore the SJ members’ performances got even bigger, shaking hands is not rare, but they did all kinds of things such as taking Polaroids together and signing autographs, which made it totally worth it for the fans in the front row of the second level.  Besides their good service to the fans, the fighting spirit of the members was even better, Shindong had actually strained a ligament in his left leg during the first concert, for the last two concerts he was even bandaged to go into battle and he flew around the whole venue.  While Heechul who had his face injured in China was encouraged by the passion of the fans, he even expressed his thanks to the Taiwanese fans for letting him regain his smile, at the end his mood was so good he removed his face mask, which lead to waves of screaming.

In addition, Taiwanese E.L.F gave enthusiastic support, at the final concert on the 13th prior to the climax being reached, when many blue ribbons all appeared, it made the members on stage incredibly happy.  Finally they also celebrated Eunhyuk’s birthday again, the members picked up spring water bottles and had a water fight, but towards the end Kyuhyun accidentally slipped and hit his knee, luckily there was no serious injury.  This drew a perfect ending for the Taipei concerts.  This time SJ had their performance inside, while outside the stadium the preliminary estimate of official concert merchandise sold over the three days was NT$7,500,000, avex taiwan which is responsible for the arrangements for selling of goods stated that due to many people outside the stadium selling self-imported or unofficial goods, it had some affect.

The Taiwan stop of their third tour successfully ended after three days of battle, the SJ members will leave Taiwan in two groups in the morning on the 14th, firstly it will be at 8.10am on flight CI160 and then again at midday on flight KE692.

Source: Yahoo Taiwan
Translated by: purple_princess@sapphirepearls.com
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