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Super Junior’s Super Show 3 in Taiwan brings in $2.8 million USD

Starting on March 11th, Super Junior (including members from SJ-M), along with two members from the Trax, will hold three Super Show 3 concerts in the Taipei Arena. The profit generated from the concerts was 84,000,000 TWD (approximately 2,800,000 USD). Female fans, along with some male fans, supported their idols with their all. For this trip, they brought two 40-foot containers to Taiwan, holding approximately 200 tons worth of stage equipment.

Several days ago, at Super Junior’s concert in Shanghai, Heechul was hit in the face by a fan’s placard. This caused an injury near his left eye. Last night at the concert in Taipei, he wore a mask to sing Sorry Sorry with the members for the concert opening. Due to the fact that his injury was not fully healed, it could not be covered with make up. Thus, his cross-dressing show was canceled.

Last night, Super Junior wore 7 different outfits and sang over 35 songs. The song list contained Chinese songs especially for the Taiwanese fans: Lee Teuk sang “Kiss Goodbye”, Ryeowook chose “One Fine Spring Day”, Kyuhyun picked “New Endless Love”, Zhou Mi sang “Miss Chic”. The members also used Chinese to greet the fans. Siwon said, “I’m very happy to see everyone.” Eunhyuk playfully told the fans to call him. Donghae commanded the fans to be quiet, and told them that tonight, they were all his dream lovers, coming into his dream. Shindong comically sang the Mother song.

Fans exposed that during the rehearsal, when they sang “No Other”, Kyuhyun went to the wrong place and was playfully chased around by Yesung.

Source: China Times – Via Koreaboo.com
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