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[NEWS] 110224 Eunhyuk’s determination to promote in China

Super Junior-M’s Eunhyuk reveals his inner thoughts, expressing determination to promote in China

Super Junior-M’s member Eunhyuk expressed his determination towards the official start of the promotion activities in China. On the 24th, Eunhyuk made public a photo which was taken during the recording of a TV show in China through his twitter. SJ-M’s members who were donned in black pants and white coats showed an artistically beautiful and pleasing appearance, along with a happy expression attentively looking into the camera.

Eunhyuk also wrote: “Putting down everything in order to find something better, need to face (the new challenge) with a more prudent and hardworking attitude. Although there were matters that were difficult to decide on, I will not regret ^ ^. Hope that I’ll become someone that continues to develop everyday…Fighting! SJ-M fighting!”

On the 23rd, SJ-M participated in the recording of SJ-M’s edition of CCTV’s entertainment show <<Happy Fan Meeting>>. During the recording, they performed the title song of their latest mini album <<Perfection>> and <<Destiny>>. At the same time, they also performed <<Super Girl>> and <<At Least I Still Have You>>. On the 24th, SJ-M will be heading to Taiwan to participate in the press conference for the launch of their new album as well as the other promotional activities.

Translated and shared by: KyU Is L♥Ve@SJ-WORLD.NET

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