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[NEWS] 110213 SJM new comeback – “Too Perfect”; Taiwan gets to see first

Even though popular Korean idol group Super Junior will only have their concert (in Taiwan) next month, its subgroup Super Junior-M will show off their vocals in Taiwan first! Following their momentum of being nominated for the Golden Melody Awards last year, SJ-M is expected to release their brand new mini-album “Too Perfect” on the 25th. Not only did they decide on Taiwan to as the first location for the album release, they even want to allow the fans to be able to listen to their new songs on Valentine’s Day on the 14th.

Releasing their new song this time, SJ-M will also involve some special participation, featuring Eunhyuk and Sungmin to help out in terms of vocals, increasing the total number of the subgroup to 8 members. When the record company released their new concept on the official website the other day, the network was once again clogged up; the appearance of them dressed in suits and exotic hats gave them an European nobility feeling, the fans were all electrified after viewing the photos, and exclaimed that “(It’s) too perfect”.

Since they are focusing heavily on the Taiwanese market, SJ-M’s title song of the same name, “Too Perfect” will be premiering for three consecutive days starting on the 14th Valentine’s Day on hitFM. On the other hand, avex Taiwan will begin pre-ordering activities on the 17th, and releasing the Taiwanese press edition on the 25th. As for the Super Junior series which has continuously given fans surprises, their next action is also being greatly anticipated.

Source: Yahoo Taiwan
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Thanks to chunny @ SJ-WORLD.NET for the heads up!
Please take out with FULL and proper credits.

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