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[tw] 110207 Kibum 7 Tweets

http://twitpic.com/3x9eb2 우리 연기 작업하는 팀과 여행가기전 장보는중 아침일찍부터 준비했더니 피곤하다.. 즐거운 여행되길..^^
http://twitpic.com/3x9eb2 In the midst of marketing before leaving for our acting team’s holiday. (We) started preparing since early in the morning so (we’re all) tired.. It will be a good holiday..^^

@Coose234 죽겠지ㅋ
@Coose234 (I) feel like dying ㅋ


@haeun7haeun 예압ㅋ
@haeun7haeun Yeahㅋ

http://twitpic.com/3x9uzf http://twitpic.com/3x9v1h 여행가는 차안에서 발견한 다인이 사진..ㅎ 하루밖에 못봤지만 너무 정들었다.. 보고싶어ㅠㅠ 나보고 삼촌이라부르며 볼에 뽀뽀도해주고 손도 잡아준 귀여운 다인이
http://twitpic.com/3x9uzf http://twitpic.com/3x9v1h Pictures of Dainee in the car on the way to (our) vacation.. ㅎ(You) get attached to it if (you) don’t see it for a day.. (I) miss it ㅠㅠ The cute Dainee (who) calls me “uncle”, kisses (me) on the cheek, and holds (my) hand when she sees me


@sangwook1016 아니 남자 두세명 더있어ㅎㅎ
@sangwook1016 Nope, there are two or three more guysㅎㅎ


사진찍으려고 하면 저렇게 포즈를 취한다ㅎ 애기때부터 그랬다고 한다. 참고로 저 토끼 머리띠는 내가 다인이 사준거ㅋ 아! 귀여워!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Took a photo with that poseㅎ(She’s) done it since (she was) a kid. Just so you know, I bought that rabbit hairband for DaineeㅋAh! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: This tweet was a continuation of the previous tweet which had two pictures along with it.


대답. 대답했으니 난 바보 아닙니다ㅋRT @Jendictator: @ikmubmik 오빠 재발 난 대답해주세요ㅠㅠ 오빠없이는 살 수 없어요!!! ㅠ 오빠는 대답하지 않으면, 오빠는 바보입니다.. 그래서.. 대답해줘ㅠ 난 오빠 바보 거 알잖아..
Reply. Since I replied I’m not a foolㅋ RT @Jendictator: @ikmubmik Oppa please reply me ㅠㅠ I can’t live without oppa!!!ㅠ If oppa doesn’t reply, oppa is a fool.. So.. Please reply ㅠ I know oppa is a fool..

Source: @ikmubmik
Translated by Euodsie@SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with proper credits.

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