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Producer GoodWill promises to become an ELF?

On January 30th, allkpop reported that producers GoodWill & MGI promised ELFs that they would make a new song for Super Junior fans if they each got 1,000 new followers in a week.

Well, on February 5th, GoodWill made another promise to Super Junior’s beloved fans. An ELF asked him through Twitter“WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR ELFS IF YOU REACH 10,000 FOLLOWERS??”, to which he replied, “I think I will officially become an ELF myself! :-)”

GoodWill & MGI are an American-Finnish production duo who’ve composed tracks for Ghostface Killah, Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber, and Ante.

It’s pretty exciting to know that this highly-skilled team will create a new track for Super Junior. Considering the power of the ELF fanbase, it’ll be interesting to see if they’d be able to reach 10,000 followers to see GoodWill sport the pearl sapphire blue.

Source: GoodWill’s Twitter, allkpop

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