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Super Junior holds concert on Christmas night, Heechul performing in female costume

From 101126 xD, but it was translated only recently

Express News (Reporter: He Ya Jia) South Korean popular idol group Super Junior (SJ), kicked of the new leg of their Asian Tour earlier, attracting enthusiastic support from thousands of fans everywhere. This reporter found out from the organisers that come 25 December, this blue Korean Wave would officially hit Guangzhou. SJ would be holding their Christmas concert at Yue Xiu Shan Stadium in Guangzhou.

Fans invited to have a “Blue Christmas”

This would be the first time that SJ is spending Christmas with mainland fans and the members express that they are looking forward to it. “When you mention about Christmas, the colour white would come to everyone’s minds. This year, Guangzhou would have a blue Christmas and I hope everyone would come to Guangzhou and spend a “Blue Christmas” with us. We have also prepared many Christmas surprises for you!” When asked to disclose some details about it, Donghae grinned and said, “It is currently kept as a secret. If you want to know, come to Guangzhou, then. Haha.”

It is understood that even before the sales for the concert tickets for the current leg in Guangzhou have begun, ELF (The nickname for SJ fans) everywhere have already started to be on the move, and have even booked flight tickets to Guangzhou. One fan said excitedly: “It would be really moving to spend Christmas with SJ, as there is much festive air during Christmas.”

4 metres’ distance from idols

One could describe this SJ concert in Guangzhou as a modern and magnificent one. The stage design is focused on the interaction sessions with the fans, with the performance stage spread out across the stadium. The audience area would be divided into two, one for interaction and one for grandstands.

One of the areas for interaction with fans would only have a short distance of 4 metres away from the stage. Fans would be able to see every move the idols make on stage, and this made ELF very excited, “You can clearly see everything that is happening on the stage from every area, it’s really cool!” Moreover, the distance from the grandstands to the stage is only 15 metres to ensure that the enthusiasm from the crowd is felt by the singers.

The tickets for the concert were reported to have only two prices: Places in the field would be priced at 1280 yuan, while the grandstands would be 480 yuan regardless of how close the seats are to the stage. The seat positions are chosen on a first come first served basis.

Heechul would perform in female wear

Apart from performances involving the entire SJ, the organizers have specially arranged a solo performance for Kim Heechul, more commonly known as “Warm Man” among Chinese fans. This performance would feature guest performer Sulli, a member of the South Korean female idol group f(x). Heechul’s fans would be able to appreciate the deep and mellow side of Heechul, as Sulli and Heechul perform “The Way Idols Break Up” together. In addition, Heechul would also appear as “Lady Heehee”. Shindong and other SJ members would also dress up as females and play alongside Heechul.

Source: Sina Entertainment
Translated by ≈ tiηg@ sj-world.net
Shared: 13flowerboys.wordpress.com

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  1. can’t wait to watch it=p

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